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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Eternal Knot by T.K. Toppin

The Eternal Knot by T.K. Toppin
Publisher: Burst
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (317 pages)
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Orchid

Unable to resist the lure of finding her niece, Josie picks up the crumbs of clues left behind. With her old friend and savior, pod-hunter Quin Aguilar at her side, she seeks out Fern Betterncourt who is assumed to be sleeping for over a hundred years.

From an unlikely source, Fern’s location is discovered, and together with her husband, Josie seeks out her last link to her past. Will Fern want to be found? And will finding Fern be enough to bury the ghosts that haunt Josie? Can Josie bring herself to destroy her last remaining family in order to save herself?

The Eternal Knot, the final chapter in the Lancaster trilogy. Will Josie finally rest in peace in the new future she lives in?

The Lancaster family have ruled the world for three generations. John, the current president, is gradually handing control back to the individual countries. Josie is John's three hundred year old wife and thanks to the invention of the stasis pod Josie has a biological age of twenty-seven.

Trouble follows Josie. Her attempt to find the last remaining member of her family causes chaos to her friends, country and most particularly her husband. John and Josie are very much individuals, but the love is evident from the first paragraph of the first page. Love drives their lives, but this is by no means the main force of the book. John is an indulgent husband, but when politics are involved Josie knows she must toe the line - but sometimes she forgets.

The Eternal Knot is an appropriate title for a book that twists and turns, throwing up the unexpected, then turning back on itself. Every time I thought I'd got things sorted, another sub plot appeared forcing me to continue reading to find out what happened.

I loved how everything linked together, even though at times I couldn't fathom how the author would find a way for linking various events to the main story. For instance, why the appearance of an ex-girlfriend of John's? What possible link could she have to the mayhem that was Josie's life? But T.K. Toppin cleverly wove this woman into the plot.

John's family help and thwart the couple as they travel through danger - both physical and political. Their friends are staunch allies in their quest for Josie's past and present life.

This is not a romance, although romance plays its part.  The Eternal Knot is a science fiction story with a difference. The despotic ruler shows a warm, soft side, his wife swears like a trooper, looks like an angel and can defend herself better than most men. The weapons of the future are ingenious and the Citadel of the Lancaster ruled planet is very easy to imagine from the way it eases into the story.

I would suggest this book is a definite must for lovers of science fiction.


  1. A tough thing to do. Thanks for the great reviews. Help me make choice
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. Wow, thanks LASR for the wonderful review!! I so appreciate that...and Debby, I hope when you do decide, you enjoy the book. Thanks again!! :)

  2. I loved this review! Couldn't have said it better myself!

  3. Congratulations on such a great review, T.K.! It's a wonderful series!!

  4. A well-deserved review. The Lancaster series is among the best! I've loved all of the books.

    1. Thanks Judy!! Couldn't have done it without your edits and guidance! Much appreciated!! :)


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