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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lady Mechatronic on the Cannibal Island by Arabella Wyatt

Lady Mechatronic on the Cannibal Island by Arabella Wyatt
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (75 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Guess who is going to be dinner?

Trapped on the infamous Cannibal Island of Bajea, Captain Hartwell must lead his evolving crew of cybernetic pirates through the cannibals' jungle to safety. With danger all around, is this the time to be concerned with his relationship with the alien cyborg Lady Mechatronic?

The adventures of the steampunked pirates take a turn to the dark side.

Can Hartwell lead them all to the light?

Captain Hartwell and his crew have been left to fend for themselves on an island; his crew mutinied. It might not be bad, but this happens to be Cannibal Island…

Ms. Wyatt has written an action packed tale with steampunk influence and a good fantasy touch. This was the first in this series that I read, and I quickly became engaged with her characters.

The one that really drew my attention was Lady Mechatronic. She’s robot in nature, but has been imbued with some emotions. This confuses her because she’s never felt them before and isn’t sure how to handle them. Captain Hartwell, on the other hand, is familiar with emotions but has no time for them. They are on a journey and any inattention on his part can result in his men dying. He accepts responsibility for events beyond his control and refuses to let it go. As a result, he tells her while he’s attracted to her, nothing can happen because of his duties.

Pete is another character I admire. He’s already been “harvested” by the cannibals on the island and barely escaped alive. Now when the cannibals capture the crew, he’s hauled away to be killed. He finds enough strength to fight his fears, kills the cannibal and goes back to fight for his fellow crew members. They had saved him and had been kind to him; he’s going to repay his debt.

What really ties all this together is that the crew members are developing odd skills. Lady Mechatronic fell from the sky and landed in the ocean next to their boat. Somehow that infected them all with mechanical abilities they are just developing. Those odd abilities are what keeps the crew alive and makes the novella very interesting to read. The author has done a nice job of making this story unique and compelling. Ms. Wyatt makes you want to read about her characters because they seem so real, even if this is fantasy and their powers are “out of this world”.

I enjoyed reading this story and hope to read the next in this series. After all, Lady Mechatronic is not giving up on Captain Hartwell.

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